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A return to home and real food.
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Our farmhouse was where nourishment began for myself and my family. It changed our health journey in ways I never dreamed of. And so I’ve found that true health begins in the home and in our own backyards.


This has led me to my calling: educating women about the real food movement, how to nourish their families with nutrient-dense foods, and how to support our local farmers while doing so.


Slowing down. Living a minimalist life. Supporting community. Inclusion of all. Raising a family and teaching children through the lens of the real world. Living off the land. Supporting sustainable and regenerative farms. Growing real food. Eating real food. Showing others how to do the same. Living a life that I can continue to do as I age and my son grows older. Doing something my husband, son, and family can be proud of, while never forgetting myself again during the process.

The signs were always there that this is my calling of life. I just had to heal and learn at a deeper level to get here.

I hope you join me in this real food journey, too.

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