Motherhood is...

Motherhood is feeling the first "kick" when baby is still in your belly and reality sets in.

Motherhood is delivering your baby the best way you know how, and to finally hold him or her in your arms for the very first time.

Motherhood is waking up at all hours of the night for feedings, diaper changes and reassurance to your little one that the world isn't so scary, mommy is here.

Motherhood is looking into the eyes of a joyful child and feeling your heart burst with happiness.

Motherhood is sometimes not recognizing the woman looking back at you in the mirror.

Motherhood is feeling the highest of highs when you are in awe of your baby and the life you created, and the lowest of lows when you let your impatience get the best of you.

Motherhood is losing yourself and finding yourself at the same time.

Motherhood is early mornings, late nights and overnights.

Motherhood is letting go.

Motherhood is dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning.

Motherhood is coffee or green juices, salads or cheeseburgers; literally anything that helps you get through the day.

Motherhood is staying at home, working from home, or working outside the home.

Motherhood is parenting during the day as well as the night, and knowing that being a mother does not end at bedtime.

Motherhood is finding your strength again (or for the first time).

Motherhood is learning how to ask for help when you need it.

Motherhood is learning how to be playful and child-like again.

Motherhood is joy in reliving holidays, birthdays and special family traditions through the eyes of your child, and if you don't have joyful memories a chance to create your own.

Motherhood is questioning your intuition, and then having the confidence to trust in it again (Mamas really do know best).

Motherhood is learning how to make time for yourself and forgiving yourself when you can't.

Motherhood is not allowing the public, society, friends or relatives to decide how you will mother your child.

Motherhood is sometimes living for nap time or bed time so you can have time to yourself again, if only for a moment.

Motherhood is never taking for granted again a long, hot uninterrupted shower.

Motherhood is simultaneously longing to work in an office again and longing to be with your babies all day, no matter the circumstance.

Motherhood is love, joy, gratitude, patience, understanding, dedication, and happiness.

Motherhood can also be resentment, frustration, hopelessness, anxiety and depression.

Motherhood is never forgetting how your baby's hand fits into yours.

Motherhood is good days and bad days, perfect days and imperfect days, patient days and challenging days.

And finally...

Motherhood is looking at the clock wishing the days would move faster, and yet wishing the years would slow down.

It is a beautiful paradox, one I wouldn't trade for the world.

With Joy,


hudson valley, new york

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